Tips on Proposing a New Video Marketing Strategy

Are you worrying about your tight budget or the best stories that you’ve got to come up with your video? How do you exactly put up a successful marketing video plan? Here are some tips that you should always keep in mind:


Set up a budget

The first thing that you need to do is to settle the budget first before anything else. Do not worry if you are on a tight budget; it doesn’t mean that you should limit your creativity with your video. On the other hand, always remember that you are not required to spend millions of dollars in just customizing your studio or getting the talented professional to make up your team.

Just make sure that your money is enough for you to provide different stages to make sure that the customer will enjoy it and of course, look forward to it. Being able to upload a single video once in every couple of weeks is not bad, it’s helpful in having a tight grip on your audience.

Also, you should make sure that you can hire at least one professional videographer to help you get through it. A good videographer may be able to lessen all your expenses because he can do it all for you. He may be also willing to generate at least one short video for you in every week.


Create a story that you wanted to tell

Before you hire a videographer, you must’ve had an idea in your mind on what kind of stories would you like to tell your audience or the content of your video. It should be informative, fun, and not boring or you will lose your viewers. Also, think of content that would leave them looking forward to more personalized videos to come.

To make it more convincing, you can try a testimonial video wherein you are going to interview one of your loyal customers and ask their feedback about your products or services. Make sure that the content is genuine and unscripted. People can easily say when someone is praising a company in exchange for a few thousand.


Make it brief

What could be one of the most difficult parts of producing a video is when it comes to the editing. Your filmmaker should know that as much as possible, you have to make it brief so that you don’t lose the attention of your audience. If your viewer catches a glimpse of your video with a time duration of 30 minutes, they will be most likely to look for other videos that are a little bit shorter than that.

A good rule of the thumb is to keep your video to a maximum of 5 minutes, even if you are explaining a particular aspect of your product. How you do it will now depend on your creativity and brilliant ideas.


End it with contact information

After your viewer had watched your video, and you have convinced him/her effectively that it’s worth their money—then you should provide your contact information at the end slide of the video. As much as possible, you should never leave them looking at the blank black screen because only a few of them will bother to look for ways to contact you after they have watched it.

Spread it around

There are lots of websites wherein you can upload and spread your video—Facebook being on the top because it can easily reach millions of people in an instant. Make sure that you make good use of other networking sites too, such as Instagram and Twitter.